Heroimage of biblingo logo and mockup of app.
Biblingo is an app users can use to read digital copies of books while also allowing them to translate words, metaphors and idioms. The goal for this project was to create a translator app that allowed people with disabilities or non-native speakers to better understand more complicated figures of speech.
Art Direction: Dom Costanzo
UX/UI Design
Biblingo logo.
Animated gif scrolling through book options in app prototype.
When first logging into the app, users are able to search through a variety of books to purchase and add to their library. Biblingo will also recommend books based on previous purchases or genres the user has searched.
Once a user clicks on a book from their library, they are able to easily see the description, table of contents, their progress, as well as words or phrases they have saved to their dictionary. Biblingo will also bookmark the last page a user was reading so they can quickly pick up where they left off.
Animated gif scrolling through book description and chapters.
Animated gif of app scrolling through pages.
While reading, the user can highlight a word or phrase they might not recognize and get a definition they can save into their dictionary to view again later.
5 Mockups of app showing the book title, library, login screen, dictionary, and book.
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