Celebration of Life Poster
It can be easy to overlook the small moments in life that bring us joy, but it is something that we should all take a moment every now and then to appreciate. This is why I created a “Celebrating the ABC’s of life" poster, for the celebration of life month in January. A holiday that encourages people to take a moment and be grateful for even the little things in life.
 From activities like baking, dancing or even seeing our friends, I wanted to create a poster that would help remind people to appreciate these moments while building my illustration style. 
Art Direction: Monica Brodovsky
Illustration, Poster Design
I started with making a list of different things that make people happy by going through lists online, asking my friends and family, as well as thinking of things that made me happy. 
I then began sketching out thumbnails for how I wanted the characters to interact with each letter. For some letters I had a clear image in my head of what I wanted, and some I changed while working on them to make it more cohesive as a poster.
For each letter I did a rough sketch over my thumbnails before doing a cleaner line art layer, resizing the characters so they were proportionate to each other, and adding color.
Final Thoughts
I enjoyed working on this project a lot, especially getting the chance to illustrate a wide range of characters. In the future, I would love to explore this project more and arrange my illustrations into a children's book.

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