Finn: Earth's final adventurer
Finn: Earth's Final Adventurer is a 2D platformer that follows the story of a young astronaut named Finn, who is sent on a mission back to Earth to collect supplies for the Mars colony.​​​ Earth however, isn't how he remembers it. Pollution and global warming has created a dangerous and uninhabitable environment that will make his trip difficult. Journey with Finn through toxic waste spills and mutated creatures to find the supplies he needs and return home. 
Finn's: Earth's Final Adventurer is currently published on!
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Art DirectionDermot Mac Cormack 
Team Members: Eva Hardy
 Video Game Design​​​​​​​
This game was created as a team project with my friend Eva Hardy. My main responsibility was character design which included illustrating, rigging and animating Finn to be playable within Unity. Eva focused on illustrating backgrounds and atmospheric effects including light particles, rain generation and sound.
Images From game
For Finn's design, we wanted something simple so we could utilize the character rigging feature in Unity and cute to contrast the darker tone of the game. 
Orbi is Finn's companion he meets while wandering Earth. Orbi assists Finn by warning him of the obstacles he might experience.
Early Concepts
I had a lot of fun working on Finn: Earth's Final Adventurer and learned a lot about working in Unity and as a team. I would like to continue working on this in the future to include enemy interactions, more level obstacles, and a final objective. 

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