Header image with an illustration of a white dwarf star next to Earth.
White Dwarf Star Animation
White Dwarfs is a short informational animation on white dwarf stars.        The information in my animation was pulled from an existing video published by kurzgesagt, animated in adobe after effects and recorded by me. 
Art Direction: Sean Brodbeck
an animated gif of an illustrated supernova.
An animated gif of a close up into how pressure in a star fuses hydrogen into helium.
Flat images
These are the original images I illustrated to get a better understanding of the style I wanted to achieve. My original plan was to create a 2D animation with the flat images moving horizontally across the screen. I changed this direction however when I began experimenting with 3D animation and the different affects I could create. In the end I decided to work in a 3D workspace with 2D illustrations to give the affect of the planets moving through space. 
Sketches of storyboard.
When creating the storyboard for this animation, I broke it up into sections with the key information I needed to include from my research, before I began sketching what would be the main frame of animation and arrows or lines to indicate the movement that would happen. I was then able to illustrate the images  in procreate, import them into after effects and begin animating.
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